Ceramic Coating


wax is Dead® is an easy-to-apply semi-permanent, professional-grade ceramic coating that uses our proprietary one-layer formula to provide 2yr, 5yr & 10yr warrantied durability, outstanding gloss levels, slickness, extreme hydrophobicity and advanced chemical resistance



wax is Dead® paint-enriching formula creates an invisible barrier that fills microscopic pores in the vehicle’s clear coat to achieve a smooth, even surface that intensifies g
loss and creates a soft-to-the-touch super slick surface.

The superhydrophobic ceramic coating layer actively repels liquids and contaminants away from the coated surface. The result is a visually appealing beading effect that encapsulates contamination and prevents adhesion to the coated surface for easy maintenance and a self-cleaning effect.


forms a thick 750-nano micro high chemical resistance film that can withstand harsh chemicals such as petrol, washer fluid, coolant, bird droppings, road salt and also contains UV inhibitors that prevent paint fade from prolonged UV exposure.

invisible protective barrier adds a ‘dipped in glass’ gloss and soft-touch feel that instantly enhances the visual appearance while constantly protecting the underlying surface.

Lifetime protection

Ultimate provides 10 years of warranted durability, outstanding gloss levels and slickness, extreme hydrophobicity, and advanced chemical resistance.

coupe/sedan – $1800

SUV/4wd – $2100

5 year protection

Supreme adds an exceptionally hydrophobic coating with high-performing chemical resistance without altering the visual appearance of coated surfaces.

coupe/sedan – $1500

SUV/4wd – $1800

2 year protection

Ultra’s durable ceramic layer chemically bonds to the coated surface, forming a semi-permanent, hydrophobic barrier that actively repels water, contaminants and chemicals 

coupe/sedan – $1100

SUV/4wd – $1250


Wrap-PPF helps extend the lifespan of vinyl wrap and paint protection films by adding a durable, hydrophobic, super slick and chemical resistant layer that lasts up to 24 months.

coupe/sedan – $550

SUV/4wd – $750

Wax is Dead® Heat

an advanced, professional-grade ceramic coating formulated explicitly for wheels and brake calipers

With just one layer, Heat will protect coated surfaces from brake dust and chemicals for up to 2 years  withstand temperatures of up to 1100°C.

Wax is Dead® Glass

provides ultimate visibility at all times by forming a slick, smooth and superhydrophobic surface that instantly sheds water, leaving a clear, contaminant-free surface for maximum clarity.

Wax is Dead® Skin

advanced sprayable, coating formulated to repel body oils, dirt, grease, sunlight, liquid stains, and other damaging elements on vehicle seats, gaming chairs, clothing, trainers, shoes, and other natural and faux leather applications for up to 12 months of protection.

Wax is Dead® Fabric

A sprayable, long-lasting nano-coating that repels dirt, stains, grease, and liquids on upholstery, seats, door panels, convertible roofs, clothing, shoes and other fabric materials, and also protects against UV fading and discolouration