Guard Rolling

Guard Rolling

Guard rolling can be applied to most makes and model of cars and generally is required when planning to lower your car or going for aggressive wheel fitment. Rolling the guards / lip of the guard can give you all important extra clearance
between the body work and wheel or tyre to eliminate scrubbing without having to worry about damaging paint, wheel or tyre.


How guard rolling works

Guard or fender rolling consists of folding the inner lip of the wheel arch into a tighter ‘V’ shape or a ‘U’ shape to increase the space between the arch and the tyre.

The spot-welded double metal lip of the rear guards or the single-skinned lip of the front wheel arch can be pressed all the way around the inner side of the arch by using a rolling machine that bolts onto the wheel hub.

The guard rolling technique varies with each car. Success depends on the condition of the paintwork or previous repairs to the area. If the paint is original, there is usually no cracking or paint damage.


Rolling of rear guards on all VE & VF model Commodores will result in slight distortion 

Rear guards for Holden VT-VU/VZ utes, coupes and wagons may incur extra cost, depending on whether the full arch or top only needs to be rolled.

Please note that each guard rolling job is different and our prices do vary, so this price guide is an estimate only. Disclaimer SEDUCTIVE AUTO does not guarantee that after rolling guards on any vehicle the paintwork will not be damaged in any way. In all cases, any risk will be identified to the client prior to the work commencing. SEDUCTIVE AUTO does not guarantee that any rippling of the metal (including distortion, denting, misshaping of the area rolled) will not occur. However, every effort will be made to identify this possibility prior to work commencing and measures will be taken to prevent this. The outcome of rolling can vary if: • the car is over 10 years old • the arch has been repaired • it has body filler under the paintwork around the wheel arch • the car has been modified in any way • there are holes drilled around the wheel arch.