lifetime protection coating

from $1500
A dual layer coating is our flagship coating & has a factory backed guarantee of 10 years.  consists of a super hard base coat, topped with a hard chemical resistant & glossy top coat.  contains over 92% SiO2 & Si glass ceramic compounds made from five different types of SiO2.  also contains over 2% titanium. We recommend on vehicles where no compromise is requested by a customer. Exceeds 9H Hardness.


from $1000

Amazing salt & chemical resistant coating and has a factory backed guarantee for 5 years. We recommend Silla on vehicles that experience salty & chemical fallout environments. is perfect for beach & coastal environments as well, is graffiti resistant & reduces the risks of water spotting from hard water & acid rain.                                                        


from $800

 contains over 76% SiO2 & Si glass ceramic compounds made from five different types of SiO2, which is higher in SiO2 than most of our competitor’s products on the market.  also contains 2.5% titanium. We recommend for those who want a quality coating while on a budget.  a good all-rounder coating and can also be used on interiors and leather. Good for wrapped cars.                                             

wrap and ppf protection coating

 from $299

coating for vinyl wrapped and PPF offers amazing durability and hydrphobics to wrapped vehicles. high level of protection from UV.                         

wheel & brake caliper 

from $150
 High Temperature coating which is used to coat Wheels and brake components that has a durability of up to 12 months. ceramic sealer that contains a material in its composition that gives it additional flexibility and enormous resistance to extremely high temperatures.  contains approximately 2.5% Titanium. can also be used on brake calipers in racing cars, where the temperature of the brake discs can reach several hundred degrees Celsius, Engine parts, Exhaust tips in addition to unpainted plastic panels and trims.