Quickie Detail

Love your car inside and out

Seductive Quickie Detail

SML - $65 | MED/SEDAN - $70

SUV - $80 | 4WD - $90

Our trained professionals work tirelessly to provide the best, top-quality service and care in auto detailing and repair.

Seductive Quickie Detail is great preventative maintenance that not only prolongs the life and resale value of your car, but also assists in protecting your car from the elements– such as rain, snow, wind and grime.

Seductive Quickie Features

  • High pressure rinse
  • Snow foam pre-wash
  • Exterior ph balanced wash
  • Door jambs cleaned
  • Wheel & tyre clean
  • Microfibre towel dry
  • Tyres dressed ( non silicone)
  • Protective spray wax applied
  • Seats, carpet, mats & boot vaccum
  • Glass and mirror clean in/out
  • Rubbish romoved
  • Trims, plastics & console cleaned & dressed
  • Deodorized

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