Exterior Seduction

this is what it feels like to have your car shine!

Exterior Seduction

SML - $199 | MED/SEDAN - $220

SUV - $240 | 4WD - $260

An exterior detail will bring the very best from your paintwork removing all contaminants and enhancing to a showroom smooth & silky gloss finish

Exterior Seduction Features

  • High pressure rinse
  • Snow foam pre-wash ph balanced
  • 2 bucket soft touch wash ph balanced
  • Wheels, wheel arches & tyres cleaned using premium active
  • wheel cleaner
  • Bugs & tar removed
  • Iron fall-out decontamination
  • Clay bar treatment for paint contamination removal
  • Door jambs degreased & dry
  • Microfibre towel dry
  • Single stage machine polish (removal of light scratches & swirl marks adding gloss and clarity to paint)
  • Premium wax sealent applied

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